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Learning Experiences

Co-curricular Learning Experiences (CLEs) will be do documented and processed by following this procedure:

  1. Graduation Twice a year a communique will go out requesting the coordinators for a co-curricular learning experience to forward to the Office of the Registrar the BUCC approved CLE courses that should be offered for the upcoming term.
  2. Based upon the information submitted to the Office of the Registrar, the CLE will be added in MyHusky for use in scheduling.
  3. Scheduling and enrollment deadlines for a CLE will follow the same guidelines as all other academic courses. A student can be enrolled into an experience up until the end of the add/drop period for the term (8 days into the term). Withdrawal deadlines will also be enforced.
  4. When the experience is completed for a term, the professional of record will then enter whether or not the student successfully completed the experience by recording a pass or fail in MyHusky
  5. The experience will be noted on a transcript for all students who participated in the CLE in the same manner as all other coursework attempted in the term.
  6. The Office of the Registrar will manually adjust the degree audit for any student who successfully completes the CLE to reflect the earned General Education Points for the experience. (Master Schedule Change Form)
I have learned how to network with alumni and better communicate with my professors and peers both inside and outside the classroom.
Amel Elsheakh, Husky Ambassador, Class of 2018

Bloomsburg University has approved the following Co-Curricular Learning Experiences (CLEs):

CLE 101 Student Affairs 101 - Leadership Certification Program (LCP)
CLE 111 Varsity Athletics
CLE 244 Military and Veterans - Unique Experiences
CLE 280 University Writing Center - Practicum
CLE 290 Writing in the Disciplines - Practicum
CLE 301 CGA President
CLE 380 BU Writing Center - Special Topic
CLE 390 Writing in the Disciplines Special Topic

How can I create a Co-Curricular Learning Experience (CLE)?